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Sea moss aka Irish Moss is an algae/seaweed/sea vegetable that grows year-round along the rocky Atlantic coasts primarily between North America and Europe but is mostly associated with the Caribbean.  This nutrient-packed superfood contains 92 of the 102 vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function daily!   

Sea moss/Irish Moss got its name when it was made famous during the potato famine in Ireland in the 1800’s. To prevent starvation, this seaweed was added to warmed milk with sugar and spices to create a nutritional beverage.  Not surprisingly, this beverage is still consumed today in both Ireland and the Caribbean! 

Sea Moss has a dense, mucilaginous consistency and virtually no taste, so making it into a gel was inevitable!  The semi-loose gel form is one of the easiest ways to consume Sea Moss and adding a fruit or herbs for a little flavor is definitely a win, win!  Enjoy it right out of the jar into your mouth (which is the best way) or add it in applesauce, smoothies, yogurt, soup, coffee, hot tea, oatmeal, etc!  Just get it in!  Happy Mossing and blessings on your journey!


At God’s Gift, our mission is to assist those of you who would like to obtain and maintain good health by offering organic, wildcrafted & natural products! We are committed to helping people achieve and maintain optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through fruit and herbs as Our Creator in The Bible so intended! Blessings on your journey!

What Clients Have To Say!

After taking the Sea Moss Gel on the first day, I didn’t notice a difference. However, after taking it on the second day, I was bouncing off of the walls! This stuff really works!

Cut my appetite! I can see the inches dropping! You can't go wrong!

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